Legal Action artwork created by Tarlan

Legal Action


Casey McKay
Prudence 'Pru' Chambers      
Solomon 'Ex' Clemons
Mr. Gates
Jay Chambers
Kit Chambers
Ben Wingwright
Eric Close
Tanya Clarke
Nick Searcy
Tommy Flanagan
Kevin Sizemore
Christian James
Gregory Alan Williams
Mark Ashworth
Gunner Willis


A woman asks her big shot lawyer ex-husband to defend her career criminal brother, accused of killing a DA. He'll need more than his legal skills to stay alive and win the case.

Big-city lawyer Casey McKay is drawn to a small town by his ex-wife to defend her brother, accused of murdering a DA. He discovers a web of conspiracy that puts him face-to-face with the town's most corrupt land developer, Mr. Gates. As Casey unravels the truth, he finds himself fighting for his former brother-in-law's life, as well as his own.

- Written by INSP Films