American Me artwork created by Tarlan

American Me


Montoya Santana
Pedro Santana
Esperanza Santana
Young Montoya Santana       
Tattoo Artist
Zoot Riot Bystander
Juvie Hall Attacker
Edward James Olmos
Sal Lopez
Vira Montes
Roberto MartÍ Márquez
Dyana Ortelli
Panchito Gómez
Joe Aubel
Rob Garrett
Eric Close


Eric Close plays an inmate of Juvenile Hall who shares a dormitory with the newly-arrived Montoya Santana. He attacks during Santana's first night, and rapes him. As he turns to walk away, after threatening to knife him if Satana says anything to anyone about the rape, Santana grabs him, forcing him onto his back on the bed. Satana slits his rapist's throat with the knife used in the attack.

This scene, though short, has a strong impact on Satana's life, gaining him respect from the other inmates but condemning him to many more years in prison.