This FAN site houses fiction and other works for the many different characters portrayed in films and on television by the actor ERIC CLOSE.

Please COME ON IN and take a look around.

While I am happy to share all I have on Eric Close, that does not mean I am happy for people to steal from me - whether that be my bandwidth (by linking directly to images/art I have provided) or by taking the credit for my work through plagiarism. Just remember that we are all fans here, so please be considerate.

[Warning: There is ADULT fiction linked to this site]

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If you enjoy any of the fiction or other FAN created items then please consider letting the author/artist know. It might spur them on to creating even more items for your enjoyment.

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May 2013:
Placed all of screen captures and stills into a new Coppermine Gallery

08 Dec 2012:
Re-design of site has now been completed. If you spot any mistakes then please contact me so I can correct them.

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